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a better way to:

  • Think big
  • Simplify, Connect and Collaborate
  • Present, Learn, Communicate, Brainstorm
  • Express ideas

A whiteboard on your desktop with infinite scrolling…just think of the possibilities…then share it …LIVE

Simple and easy to use


Incorporate the pen tablet for intuitive writing capabilities.

Zoom and pan

Has 10 orders of magnitude in space, almost unlimited space to pan and zoom.


contextualise large amounts of information and show the common thread of concepts relative to each other

Infinite scrolling

Has 10 orders of magnitude in space, almost unlimited space to pan and zoom.

Connect ideas

helps to show both the content and the context

who uses wideboard?

For Work

From Executives, Consultants and Strategists,

to Marketers, Advertisers, Engineers and including Creative Arts

These professions can use the infinite canvas of the Wideboard to express ideas and explain concepts in an Intuitive manner and put things into context

For Study

From Students, to Lecturers and Teachers.

Lessons can be structured better, providing context and the detail.  Allowing concepts to be linked and connected.

Some examples

Below are some examples of how the Wideboard can be used in a number of fields.

Executives, Consultants and Strategists

Using the Wideboard in meetings and boardrooms  to communicate visions, brainstorm and develop strategies

Marketers and Advertisers

Creating memorable marketing videos that drive product sales.

Students and Lecturers.

Enhancing learning, through interactivity and improving memory through multichannel teaching

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What you get.

Unlimited Presentations
Unlimited Views
Draw Capability
Add text
Offline Use
Offline Editing
Creative colours
Full Screen View
Picture imports
Insert Shapes

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